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Sapadere Canyon – The Ultimate Tourist Haven

Sapadere Canyon has the ethereal beauty of its own which casts a spell on its visitors. The fast flowing water rushes down the canyon in a mystical way. The natural pathways have a wooden and metallic framework for visitors to a walk in. The rejuvenating sounds of birds and the smells wafting from the local houses are all combined to form a heavenly scene where you can relax to your very core. The dark rocks and muddy bottom of the canyon are all worth exploring and sitting on. You will swim in the cool waters of the canyon, have a tasty lunch on the site, explore the intriguing caves and meet with local people and Anatolian traditions throughout the trip. You won’t forget this magical place and tell about your experiences to your beloved ones even long after the excursion. Sapadere Canyon awaits you for a lifetime’s worth of fun and rejuvenation!

Sapadere Canyon Tour Information

The exquisite beauty of Sapadere Canyon is something that will change your perspective of the world and all that it has in a very positive way. Sapadere Canyon Tour is a full day tour which has so many therapeutic properties and lovely sights for you to see and fall in love with. It is available on Sundays and Wednesdays and the pick up time from the hotels in Side region is at 08.40.
Sapadere Canyon is about 100 km far from Side. We will drive from Side to Sapadere Canyon through the twisting and turning roads of Taurus Mountains. You will pass through the city of Alanya on your way as well. You will have a walk through the lovely pathways of Sapadere Canyon and there will be a guided tour of 7 hours. There will be a lunch made out of the local produce which is 100% nutritious and delicious. The lunch consists of grilled fish or chicken, rice, pasta and salad. You can also taste the local organic food which are cooked in traditional Anatolian way in the restaurant by the canyon here.
The relaxed and rejuvenating 750-meter walk will leave you refreshed and happy to your very core. The soothing sound of rushing water will calm you and is a natural therapy. The pleasant weather and beautiful scenery are all more than enough for you to make memories and have fun. At the end of the canyon, you will arrive at the natural pool and Sapadere Waterfall. You are even free to go swimming in the cold water of this natural pool beneath the falls if you can summon enough courage to take a plunge in the ice cold water.
The stalagmites and stalactites formed in the Dwarves Cave ( Cuceler Cave ) are also worth all your cameras. The beautiful natural patterns are interesting and spellbinding in a way that leaves the visitors mystified.
There is also an hour free time in Alanya in the itinerary of this tour. You can do shopping from the vivid town center, discover the attraction centers of Alanya or have some drinks in cute cafeterias beachside. After this break in Alanya, we will be on the way back to Side and will have left everyone to their hotels at about 16.30.
Kids aged between 7-12 pay half price for this tour while kids aged between 0-6 are exempt from price.

Sapadere Canyon is a marvellous place in Alanya District surrounded by nature in its rawest and most beautiful form. A tour of this site in the Taurus Mountains can be the ultimate break that you need in the presence of lush greenery and fast rushing water springs. You can go exploring the native Anatolian beauty, culture in there, and meet with the natives. Sapadere Canyon Tour will surely be a refreshing day out in this corner of paradise which is hidden to ordinary tourists in your holiday in Side.

Hotel Transport
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Full Insurance
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Sapadere Canyon Entrance Fee

Dwarves (Cüceler) Cave Entrance Fee (3 Euros)
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Sunday – Thursday

Camera, Hat, Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

Not Suitable For Guests With Walking Difficulties

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