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Side Cabrio Bus Safari offers you a completely unusual safari experience where you will discover the historic, touristic and natural beauty spots of Side-Manavgat region with modified cabriolet buses.

Side Cabrio Bus Safari

With Side Cabrio Bus Safari Tour, you will see wonderful natural and historic values around Side such as Manavgat Waterfall, Green Lake and Seleukeia Ancient City. You will eat a tasty lunch at a restaurant by the Green Lake with a wonderful lake view and after that you will cool off in the cool waters of the lake. You will visit a mosque and observe Anatolian village life on site. There is a lot of fun on this tour, too. While on the way there will be water fights between the other tour buses and vehicles. Don’t miss this excursion full of adrenaline, exploration, adventure and fun.

Side Cabrio Bus Safari Tour Program

This extraordinary full day safari tour begins with collecting our guests from their hotels at around 08.40. As the first stop, you will have a visit to a local mosque in Manavgat. After visiting this beautiful mystical mosque, the next stop will be at Manavgat Waterfall. After a half-hour break at this natural marvel, there will be an off-road safari on countryside roads and we will arrive at a tea garden in a village where you can taste delicious gözleme (traditional Turkish pancakes). After a short stop here, we will be on the way for Seleukeia Ancient City. Our guide here will give you detailed information about this magnificent historic city. After visiting this ancient city, you will have an off road safari where you will see the 1800-year-old Naras Bridge, Roman Aqueducts and Oymapınar Dam. We will give short photograph breaks at all these magnificent beauty spots and our guide will give you information about the history of these places. After this off-road safari, we will arrive at Green Canyon to have lunch at our lake-side facility.

You will have a tasty lunch at the restaurant here with a wonderful view of the lake. The lunch menu consists of grilled fish or chicken or meatballs, rice, pasta, salad and fruit. After the lunch, you will have an hour and a half free time at this beautiful place. During this free time, you can swim in the clear tourquoise lake waters or you can go kayaking in the lake or if you like, you can try your luck at fishing by using the fishing tackles at the facility. All canoes, fishing tackles and loungers at this facility are free for your use.

After this long break here, you will be back on the bus to go to our last stop of the tour, a mini zoo. You can see and take photos of rare animals at this beautiful place located among the woods. Then, we will return to the town and leave all our guests to their hotels at about 16.30.
On this action-packed excursion, water fights are also being carried out with other safari buses and vehicles along the tour. Entrance fees to Manavgat Waterfall and Mini Zoo aren’t included in the tour price.

Side Cabrio Bus Safari offers you a completely unusual safari experience where you will discover the historic, touristic and natural beauty spots of Side-Manavgat region with modified cabriolet buses.



Seleukia (Lyrbe) Ancient City And Historical Sites

This 2500 years old ancient city near Bucakşeyhler village in Side-Manavgat region will fascinate you with its ancient architecture and mosaics from the Hellenistic period. You will feel like you have been on a time travel while walking on the streets of this lesser known ancient city on the skirts of the Taurus Mountains. The bus will also stop for photo breaks near the Naras Bridge and Aqueducts from the Roman Period and our guide will inform you about these historic masterworks.


Manavgat Waterfall And Natural Beauty Spots

The world famous Manavgat Waterfall is also in the tour program. You will be amazed by the sight of this natural wonder. Our facility by the Green Lake, where you will have lunch, has a magnificent lake view under lush trees. After lunch, you will leave yourself into cool, turquoise lake waters and you will not want to leave this corner of paradise at the end of the break. We will also give short photo stops at spectacular sceneries along the tour.


Our Guide And Driver

You will receive a friendly and caring service from our driver and guide all day long. Our professional guide has a deep knowledge about all tourist attractions and inform you about them along the tour. The speed limit for this tour is 50 km/h and our driver obeys the speed regulations strictly. The video recording of the tour is taped and you can buy it if you want at the end of the tour.


Hotel Transport
Full Insurance
Guiding Service


Zoo Entrance Fee (2 Euros)
Manavgat Waterfall Entrance Fee (2 Euros )
Personal Expenditures
Tips And Gratuities

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