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Welcome to the land of beautiful horses. With Side Cappadocia Two Days Trip, you will spend 3 glorious days in this magnificent place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage and you will be amazed by Cappadocia’s natural and historical marvels.

Side Cappadocia Two Days Trip

Cappadocia Region is in central Anatolia and it is about 500 km far from Side. The region has an extraordinary terrain consisting of soft volcanic rocks, cones, valleys, towers and caves. The region is also one of the earliest settlements of Christianity. Cappadocia hosts millions of tourists every year. On this tour, you will visit magnificient natural and historical sites such as Saratlı Underground City, Love Valley, Imagination Valley, Valley of the Monks, Pigeon Valley, Three Graces of Cappadocia and Göreme Open Air Museum. You will stay in a special class certificated hotel constructed from local natural stones. If you like, you will have fun in a traditional Turkish Night Show and have an exciting hot air balloon tour over Cappadocia.

Side Cappadocia Two Days Trip Program

It is possible to join this tour from any place between Antalya and Alanya which is called Turkish Riviera. If you are going to join from outside the Side area, please indicate it while making your reservation. The pick up time from Side – Manavgat region is at 06.20. If you want to join the balloon tour, please indicate it while making your reservation.
Two-Days Side Cappadocia Tour Program:
Day 1
The tour starts with taking you with our air-conditioned vehicles from your hotels. After a journey of about 2 hours, we give a breakfast break in town of Seydisehir. After breakfast, we continue our journey towards the Cappadocia region and we reach Saratlı Kırkgöz Underground City near Aksaray province. This early Byzantine underground city will fascinate you with its tunnels and living areas such as kitchens, stables, warehouses and water wells. We arrive in the Cappadocia region after visiting this underground city and we stop for lunch in Avanos province at around 14.00.
The lunch is open buffet and unlimited. After lunch, we give breaks at Valley of Imagination and Valley of the Monks. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale while you are in these valleys full of fairy chimneys (soft volcanic rocks shaped like cones or towers) and wonderful natural beauty spots. Then, we visit the village of Cavusin and the Church of St. John the Baptist. This village, consisting of settlements engraved in the rocks, dates back to the 1st century BC. The Church of St. John the Baptist, one of the first great churches of Christianity here, will impress you with its sight and story. After short photo breaks in the Valley of Love and Göreme Village, we arrive at our hotel in Ürgüp at about 18.30 and you will check in the hotel. Your tasty open buffet unlimited dinner will be ready at the hotel’s restaurant at 19.00. After dinner, you can relax in your clean, comfortable room in this beautiful hotel having a remarkable architecture or you can explore Ürgüp City. May be you would like to join famous Turkish night of Cappadocia where various traditional Turkish dances, shows and belly dancers’ dance shows will be performed.
The second day starts at 04.30 for the guests who takes the balloon tour. Our tour guide takes our guests to the balloon take-off area by bus. Guests attending the balloon tour return to the hotel at around 06:30. Open buffet breakfast including drinks will be served at the hotel’s restaurant at 07.00. After a one-hour breakfast break in the hotel, we will leave the hotel and continue our trip in Cappadocia. After a photo break at the Three Graces spot, one of the landmarks of Cappadocia, we will give another short photo break in Pigeon Valley. Our next stop is at Göreme Open Air Museum. You will be charmed by this rock settlement which dates back to the early days of Christianity and was home to monastic life for one thousand years. Churches, dining halls, warehouses and rooms carved into the rocks will impress you. Then, we give the last break in Cappadocia region at Üçhisar Castle. This place, which was formerly used as a defense fortress, consists of two gigantic fairy chimneys side by side and surely will fascinate you. When you reach the top of the castle, an exquisite view of Cappadocia will meet you. We will leave Cappadocia region after this castle visit.
We stop for lunch in Konya after a break at Öresin Han which was a Caravanserai (inn for traders) from Seljuk period around Aksaray. Lunch is fixed menu and Konya’s famous traditional meat bread is also included into the menu. After lunch, we visit a leather workshop and an Anatolian stones processing center for promotional purposes. At the end of the tour, we will have left all of our guests to their hotels at about 18.30.
Our guides will provide you with detailed information about the history of the region and attraction centers throughout the journey in English, Russian, German and Turkish languages. This tour is the best culture tour you can take in your holiday in Turkey. You will see spectacular landscapes, taste real Turkish cuisine, be familiar with Anatolian culture along the tour and have unforgettable memories at the end of the tour.

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Beautiful Cappadocia

Cappadocia means "land of beautiful horses" in Persian. It is located in Central Anatolia mainly in Nevşehir province. Mountains like Erciyes,Hasan Dağı and Göllüdağ were active volcanoes ten millions years ago and their eruptions caused the region filled with lava and volcanoe ashes. In time, after those volcanic mountains became extinct, the erosion, rivers and wind created this spectacular terrain. There are innumerable cones and towers of soft volcanoe rocks (fairy chimneys) in the region now. As the region has a rugged terrain, it provided natural shelter for the early Christians who looked for a place away from Roman oppression. They not only built underground cities but housings and churches into the fairy chimneys in the region. After the conversion of Roman Empire into Christianity, Cappadocia became an area for monastic life for faithful Christians till to the Middle Ages. On this tour, you will see spectacular landscapes and the structures that those early Christians constructed thousands of years ago.


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour is one of the activities that visitors to this region definitely want to do. The balloon tour is held on the second day of the tour early in the morning. Air and wind conditions for the balloon tour should be positive. The tours are carried out with the permission given by the Civil Aviation Directorate. Suitability of the tour can be checked from shm.kapadokya.edu.tr. Seeing the magnificent places you saw during the Two-Day Side Cappadocia Tour and watching the sunrise over Cappadocia in a balloon basket will be one of the most exciting moments you will have on your vacation. The visual feast in the sky with dozens of balloons taking off at the same time and the feeling while floating over just two or three meters over fairy chimneys is magnificent. Before the tour, a light breakfast is given to the participants. Cappadocia balloon tour lasts for one hour and at the end of the tour, a certificate is given to participants for their attendance and a celebration is held with champagne. You should bring your passports with you for balloon ride. In Cappadocia, the weather can be cool in the mornings, so it is advisable to get warm clothes with you to the balloon tour.


The Hotel And Turkish Night

The hotel you will stay in Cappadocia is a special class hotel certificated by Turkish Ministry of Tourism. It has got a special architectural design and was built from the natural stones from the region. The rooms are for two people with two separate beds. Open buffet delicious dinner and breakfast are included in the price. The nights in Cappadocia are awesome,too. The famous Turkish Night entertainment is organized in a cave restaurant close to the hotel after dinner. Turkish music, traditional Turkish folk dances and exhilarating belly dancers' oriental dance shows are performed for about three hours in a Turkish night show. After enjoying wonderful natural and historic charms of Cappadocia in the day time, you can have great fun with good music and a variety of shows at night. Cappadocia Turkish night participation fee is 25 Euros per person and includes unlimited domestic non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages as well as snacks and fruit service.


Our Guides, Services And Things To Know

Our tour guides are professionals who know the region and history of Cappadocia very well. They will give detailed information about all the historical and natural beauties you see during the tour and will answer your questions and requests in a friendly manner. The coach is double air conditioned and comfortable. Our driver will obey the speed limits throughout the tour. You will get service from the hotel staff worthy of Turkish hospitality. You will appreciate the cleanliness, architecture and especially the food of the hotel. If you want to stay in a single room at the hotel an extra 8 Euros is charged. On the first day, you can bring your breakfast package prepared in your hotel to the bus. There won't be a seat given to children aged 0-6 on the bus. They travel on their parents' laps. If you want a seat for your kid please make your reservation as 7-12. Our tour guide can make changes at the order of the tour schedule if necessary.


Hotel Transport
Full Insurance
Guiding Service
Altınbeşik Cave Entrance Fee And Boat Tour


Personal Expenditures
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